Automated Fee Management: Increases Revenues Many Fold

Every organisation needs good revenues for smooth functioning. The major source of revenue for school or a coaching institute is basically the fee collected from student. The attendance is necessity the student’s sincerity and to check whether the student is coming to institution on daily basis and some time this record is shown to parents and boards which the institution is affiliated to. The attendance and fee records are usually sent to boards which facilitate the examination and other academic related activities.
Abhyas K-10 Framework provides an integrated attendance and fees management module:
The teacher marks the attendance of the students present in the class. The school management can view the attendance.  Thus, there will be no need of maintaining any attendance register, and the management can check the record in no time and take actions promptly. The attendance will be marked in less time and it will increase competence of teacher.
 The school management, principal and the teacher can send an SMS to the parents about the absence of the student. This facility can be activated as per their requirement. As parents must be aware about their ward absence from school. Using this Framework Student will be able the know about the concepts taught in the class even if the student is absent for long period due to any specified reason. This will help to student bridge the gap in the syllabus which was created by absence.
It is tedious task for the school authorities to collect the fees in time. We are well aware of the fact that many students even after getting remainder does not pay their fee.  An automated fees management system in the Abhyas K-10 Framework can increase the revenue of the school without any extra cost. As student has to pay their fee on time otherwise they will not be able to use their Abhyas IDs. In case there is some genuine reason for delayed payment and if parent informs the authorities the ID's can be unlocked for the specified time.
This feature of the Abhyas Framework can facilitate timely collection of fees without much effort and hence increases the revenue many fold.

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